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We are going into the planning of the 3rd KommWohnen - 15°Swim'N'Run and Triathlon on 10/11.07.2021. Currently we are working on a hygiene concept to make it possible to hold the competition. The registration is open since 13.02.!

KommWohnen - 15°Swim'N'Run & Triathlon

Got Tension?!

On 10. and 11.07.2021 the 3rd KommWohnen - 15°Swim'N'Run & Triathlon will take place in Görlitz at the Berzdorfer See. It will be a real multi-sport festival for newcomers and old triathlon stagers!


 At Tauchritzer Hafen, south of Görlitz, it's all about athletic performance and the joy of combining swimming and running - the two basic endurance types. The swim course leads you through the harbor basin of the Berzdorfer See, which creates a great competition atmosphere. Like an amphibian you emerge from the floods, climb the ramp and lace up your running shoes. Now you continue on land through the former lignite mining area and meander through the narrow streets of the village Tauchritz, passing the knight's residence from the year 1306. After 2.5 km you cross the public hotspot again and you can refill your liquid supply and get cheered on. Then the route continues away from the aphalt through nature to an enormous witness of the mining history of Görlitz, which provided energy for the region in days gone by. There is much to marvel at here, but there is not much time - the destination is within reach! What about your energy reserves? Do you still have power for the final sprint?


 In the TEAM-RELAY 3 participants start at a time. After the first team member has completed the 400 m swim and 2.5 km run, the next team member takes over. Action is guaranteed!


 For the youngsters, depending on their age group, they will start on different shorter distances. Who will be the state champion in the junior division?


 At the AMPHIBIOS this year it is all about the state champion title. Afterwards, on the same course, the athletes of the state league will fight for points in the league and also for the Saxon championship.


 The sprint triathlon is a 750 m swim, 21 km bike ride and 5 km run. For participants on both days, the bike course is new. Those who don't trust themselves to cover the distance alone can split up into threes.


 In the TRIATHLON REGIONALLIGA OST teams from Berlin, Brandenburg, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia will compete against each other. It will be really hot, not only because of the sun. After a thrilling team time trial over 40 km, the teams will again swim 1.5 km and run 10 km after a break. The fastest bike team becomes the hunted team. Who is the significant team player and can collect points for the promotion to the statel league and who will fail? A thrilling race is guaranteed!


 So - join the KommWohnen 15°Swim'N'Run at the Berzdorfer See!

Video by Hartmut Pache



Pokale und Medallien

Auch in diesem Jahr haben wir uns etwas ganz Besonderes für die Sieger einfallen lassen...



Die ersten Bilder vom Wochenende sind online unter "Fotos".


Ready to start!

Heute wurde für euch nochmal die Rampe mit 350 bar Unterwasser gereinigt. Einen herzlichen Dank an KÄRCHER Mühle-Reinigungssysteme!



Wir sichten in den nächsten Tagen unser Fotomaterial und werden dies dann hier veröffentlichen.



Wir haben heute schonmal die Schwimmstrecke getestet. Die Rampe ist wie gemacht für den Ausstieg, beziehungsweise für den Sprint in's Wasser, wenn euch euer Teamkollege auf die 400m Schwimmstrecke schickt.





Die heiß begehrten Trophäen sind fertig! Wer von euch Rekken wird so ein Unikat vom Bildhauer Robert Lange aus Deschka für sich erobern können?

Mehr Infos zur Robert Lange und seinen interessanten Projekten findet ihr auf


Sporting events are a huge burden on the environment. Countless plastic cups end up in the trash, flyers are thrown away unread, swim caps pile up in the closet. We strive to organize an environmentally friendly and sustainable event. Instead of disposable cups, we have reusable cups that are collected and can be reused. For the bathing caps we introduce a deposit system. If you want to keep your bathing cap as a souvenir, you are welcome to do so. If you have no use for it, or you don't need a 15th swim cap you can return it for the deposit value. We print flyers sparingly and only distribute them where they will actually generate interest. In order to keep the footprint as small as possible, there are possibilities to get to the competition area by public transport. With the train OE65 you can get to the station Hagenwerder. By car you can form carpools, or you can take the opportunity and cycle along the beautiful Neisse cycle path to us.


Organizer: Europamarathon Görlitz-Zgorzelec e.V. - Abt. Triathlon


Contact person:

Philipp-Johannes Müller

Tel.: 0176/61299990

info (at)

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