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Hello sports-mad and those who want to become one, 


On Sunday, the 04th and 05th of July 2020 the 15° Swim'N'Run will take place for curious people and ambitious athletes. The start will be at Tauchwitz harbour, south of Görlitz. It’s about the athletic performance and having fun with the combination of swimming and running - the two general endurance species.


The swim course takes you through the port basin of the Berzdorf lake. Because of this fantastic start position of the race, spectators can overview the swim course easily. This guarantees goosebumps and a great competitive atmosphere. When you get out of the water like an amphibian you have to climb the harbour ramp to get into your running shoes. Now the running course takes you through the former brown coal mining area, you wiggle through the narrow streets of Tauchwitz along a manor from year 1306. You also will pass a steel giant who has provided the energy for the region in former times.

How about your energy? Do you still have any power left for the final spurt?


You don’t need any special equipment. It’s enough to bring your bathing suit and a pair of running shoes.


So - join in the first 15°Swim'N'Run at Berzdorf lake!! 

We do care!

Sports events are mostly a huge burden on the environment. Countless plastic cups are going into the bin, flyer are thrown away unread and hundreds of unused bathing caps are hiding in wardrobes of many athletes.
We try to organize an environmentally and sustainable event!
Instead of soft plastic cups we are going to use returnable cups that can be collected and used again. For the bathing caps we do have a deposit system. Some of you may want to keep their bathing cap as a souvenir. If you have no use for it, or you don’t need a 15th bathing cap in your wardrobe you can return it and get back the deposit. We do print our flyer economically and only spread them to those who are interested. In order to keep your ecological footprint as small as possible you have the opportunity of using public transport to get to the place of competition. The train OE65 takes you to the station of Hagenwerder or you could make carpools with other athletes. Another opportunity is to cycle the beautiful bicycle path along the Neiße river to get to the Berzdorf lake.

Organizer: EGZ Triathlon Görlitz

Contact person:
Philipp-Johannes Müller
Tel.: 0176/61299990
info (at)