All runs take place on Elisabethstraße with start and finish. >>>running routes<<<


The skaters, handbikers, scooters and unicycle riders start and finish on the B6. >>>Route B6<<<

Attention: Due to organizational reasons, the marathon over 42,195 km is cancelled. All other runs take place.

European marathon 2022 will be "Divided in two"


The 17th European marathon at June 12th,2022 will be held at two locations for the first time.


The "old" start / finish area will be retained for the runners.

It will be there a NEW one for skaters, handbikers, unicyclists and scooter riders.


As you can see in the route >>> Link <<<, we unfortunately had to relocate the planned route for 2022 to a completely different district of Görlitz. There are several reasons for this decision.


On the one hand, several construction works are taking place in the city of Görlitz, which make it essential to stick to the old route. A common route with the runners is not possible due to the unsuitable road conditions in Poland. On the other hand, as a club, our hands are financially tied to find an alternative route in the city, cause an additional route in addition to the running route leads to significantly increased blocking efforts and thus additional costs. Unfortunately, the current uncertain financial situation leaves us no room for maneuver. But since we definitely want the European marathon take place for you too, we had to find another solution together with the city. As you can see, this now leads outside of the city on federal highway 6.


But we want to carry out the award ceremony at the old location and thus on Elisabethstrasse. We are in discussion for the transport of shuttle buses.



 We are looking forward for your understanding and hope that you will participate actively.


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